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Hypnotizing, mesmerizing, fascinating! For the first time in Belgium. Maxim Wakultschik.

The master of 3D icons of our time.

Gallery Ysebaert in cooperation with XP·ART·AGENCY is pleased to present "Fragmented Realities", the first solo exhibition by Maxim Wakultschik in Belgium, which will run from 19th August – 14th December 2020. Maxim Wakultschik is an internationally acclaimed artist known for creating multifaceted and dynamic artworks that act as optical illusions. He is intrigued by the nature of perception and mathematically based components, which generate visual motion and create a blurred border between reality and illusion. Maxim establishes an exceptional interactive relationship between the observer and the artwork, the slightest change of perspective leads to spectacular transformations. Born 1973 in Minsk, Belarus Maxim moved to Düsseldorf, Germany in 1990s where he graduated from the renowned Düsseldorf Art Academy. Maxim’s body of work comprises a variety of different techniques, such as toothpicks, broken glass, wood, paintings and more. Gallery Ysebaert in cooperation with XP·ART·AGENCY is pleased to present a fascinating selection of both figurative and abstract art by Maxim Wakultschik where he involved using thousands of toothpicks to create pixilated, three-dimensional compositions. Faces are the essential part of his work. Admiring the beauty, the artist finds inspiration in his inexhaustible imagination and creates portraits of mostly imaginary women and famous artists. Maxim considers abstraction and figuration not in opposition to one another, for him it is rather a zooming in process into the peculiarities of the figurative composition. His intention is here to free the viewer from identifying with, or relating to, the personality behind the face and to chase beauty, harmony and aesthetics in every artwork. Maxim believes that by dissolving the object of the figurative composition its details can be appreciated profoundly. The observer might see in Maxim Wakultschiks's art traces of the pointillism movement, in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. Unlike the pointillists, instead of paint Maxim applies diligent a unique and complex technique of wooden elements to create a three-dimensional cohesive image. When you stand close to a portrait, it is abstract, but from a distance it is realistic. And if you look closely at a small detail and an amazing play of light and shadow, it is easy to understand why it took several months to create it. Manually he uses an insane 12 thousand toothpicks in countless shades of color for a medium size work to achieve this distinctive vibrance effect. Maxim’s individual artistic approach makes his compositions shimmer and volumetric, three-dimensional and enable the viewer to perceive the cosmos of colors in an intensive way. Undoubtedly Maxim Wakultschik is one of the most talented and patient contemporary artists, the master of transforming thousands of pixels into 3D icons of our time.


Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic we have extra safety measures in place. Gallery Ysebaert provides hand sanitizers and mouth masks. The gallery has continuous air ventilation and a spacious sculpture garden. All of us have to adapt to the current social change, therefor the visitors will be kindly asked to keep the safety distance during their visit. Gallery Ysebaert is several hundred square meters big so there is a sufficient space to provide the necessary safety distance. We continuously endeavor that the visitors will have an enjoyable time.

The art exhibition will be up until 14th December 2020, located at Gallery Ysebaert, Manhautstraat 60, 9830 Sint-Martens-Laten, Belgium


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